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Das Griesheimer Stadtwappen


Leisure and Sport

Children at play volleyball

Griesheim is a town to relax in. Forests provide an excellent opportunity for a long stroll, while the flat landscape is ideal for cycling. Plenty of sports facilities, jogging routes and two swimming pools encourage you to get active. Enjoy summers in the outdoor pool, winters in the indoor pool and sauna. In Griesheim it's not a problem. There are also well-equipped playgrounds for children spread throughout the town.

The town's clubs and societies are also very important in Griesheim. Youth work is an important part of this. There's a good reason why, for example, the TuS Griesheim triathletes swim, cycle and run at national level.

Griesheim really knows how to party: countless events and festivals offer the ideal opportunity to get to know Griesheim and its people. Three beautiful community centres are available for private parties.


Stadtverwaltung Griesheim
Sozial- und Sportamt
Herr Claudius Seibert
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 75
64347 Griesheim
Phone: +49 61 55 / 701-111
Fax: +49 61 55 / 701-216